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Doodle Rope Leash - Chelsea - Clearance

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There’s nothing like the connection between a pup and her person.  A relationship that special deserves a leash that’s just as amazing.

Introducing The Lead, an amazing natural rope leash, beautifully hand-crafted to honor the bond between you and your pup.

Letting you and your pup be your true selves is what matters most to us. Plus, The Lead is designed with the other accessories at Doodle Couture in mind so you two can stay looking your best 

Handmade with care in India, this 100% cotton rope leash is made to last, a testament to the strength of the love you share for your dog. 

  • Luxury Look - With beautiful luxe rose gold hardware, matching rose gold charm and accessory ring, and all-natural dyes, The Lead you share with your pup has never looked better. 
  • Vibrant and Versatile - Coming in a range of colors and styles, this hand-spliced 100% cotton rope comes with whipped ends for extra strength and durability. 
  • A Comfortable Walk - The Lead measures 5 feet in length and is ⅗” thick, giving your pup room to roam and you a leash that feels great in your hands.
  • Complete The Set - Enjoy pairing The Lead with any of Doodle Couture’s designer collars, harnesses, waste bag holders, and more!